Online Knitting Classes


I am passionate about sharing my skills with others, particularly at this time of uncertainty where knitting can be hugely beneficial to all. If you would like to learn to knit, haven’t done it for a while, or are a seasoned pro, then please join in my classes/group. All are welcome and there is no charge… However, if you require needles and yarn then you can purchase a starter pack, at cost, here.

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Thursdays 3.30-4.30pm

Given recent school closures and social distancing measures due to Covid19 I have decided to run knitting classes online via Zoom. Below are some videos to help you. This is a completely free workshop and there is no catch. The class is open to everyone as I genuinely believe that knitting can help us all at this time.

If you have never knitted before then I estimate it takes roughly 6 weeks to cover the basics of provided it is practiced in between classes but some people race through it much faster than this, and then you will have a skill that will last a lifetime.

I have created some videos on YouTube to help you, although there are hundreds already.

I will add to these each week, but the idea is that you watch the video and have a go yourself and we will use the live sessions to answer any questions or resolve any issues you might be having. If you miss a class don’t worry – there will be enough time to cover each person’s questions (unless it gets really busy in which case I might need to think again!!)

Please sign up for the class here so that I have your email address and then I will send you a Zoom invitation. I will also send you some written notes on learning to knit. I would also like to add you to a WhatsApp group where I can answer questions throughout the week.

p.s. if you already knit then please join in. The more the merrier… I would love this group to grow and if it becomes popular we could do a general knitting/craft group zoom as well?