Learn To Knit Testimonials

Some reviews from parents of previous students:

Sarah Benson (mother to Sophie) Sophie has really enjoyed the knitting lessons, and I’ve been impressed with the progress she has made.  She’s also kept up the knitting between lessons, which is unusual for an after school activity!  Sophie’s comment was “I really, really enjoy knitting and Abby is a really, really good teacher.  It’s good because it’s really easy to learn.  Abby has made loads of really cool stuff and I want to be able to do that like her”  At the time Sophie attended Strand on the Green Primary and was in class 4B

Nancy Akermann (mother to Poppy and Ella) – Abby has been fantastic at teaching my two girls knitting. She has been very patient; the girls absolutely love learning to knit and being taught by Abby. My girls are very different, one of them has great powers of concentration and consequently made rapid progress, my other daughter has taken a bit longer to grasp the skill, however she has now got it and she too is eager to show what she can create. Every Monday they bound along to classes, knitting needles in hand, eager to show the progress they have made since the last lesson and show this to the rest of the class. What I love about knitting is that it is portable, so the girls have taken it on holiday, they can do it whilst listening to a story, it helps to calm them down (particularly before bed time) and also is a welcome alternative to requests to watch tv or to go on a computer game. The girls are learning a valuable skill that they will be able to enjoy in the future, but for the time being I am enjoying watching them being creative and wanting to share this with others. ‘I am making a scarf for Grandma’ or ‘this is a blanket for my tiger’ they pipe up as they knit away. Who would have thought something as simple as knitting would come with so many fringe benefits. The girls have really enjoyed knitting with Abby, she is warm, patient and has a great sense of humour and I would strongly recommend these classes, particularly if your child enjoys being creative. Poppy and Ella both attended Grove Park Primary School.

Lucy O’Brien (mother to Elizabeth) “My daughter’s favourite class ever. Abby is a fun teacher and marvellous knitter. Elizabeth attended St Mary’s Primary School.

Fidelma Ruth (mother to Aoife & Nico) “I’m thrilled to hear that Abby might be offering knitting lessons at GP. Nico and Aoife had lessons with Abby when they were 8 and 10. They both learned to knit very quickly, and had a great time with their friends learning together. Knitting became a great calming activity and a much needed alternative to electronics when on car journeys or in restaurants. I would love Saoirse to learn.